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The 4 powers of digital technology according to the CEO of Intel


Digital technology is transforming the world at an accelerating rate, powered by what I call the four “superpowers”: cloud, 5G-powered connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and the intelligent edge.

Creating this world-changing technology and enriching the life of every person on Earth, the potential impact has never been more apparent than last year. Unprecedented challenges have been perceived, including a global pandemic that caused untold suffering from loss of life and livelihoods, increased injustice and social inequalities, and the continuing impact of climate change.

The critical role that technology plays, from developing vaccines and new therapeutic treatments in record time, to rapidly deploying educational and learning resources online


This approach positions us to create long-term value effectively and respond to the growing importance of environmental, social and governance issues for investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In May 2020, we unveiled our RISE 2030 strategy and corporate social responsibility goals for the next decade, to accelerate the integration of responsible, inclusive and sustainable practices, as well as innovative approaches into our operations and supply chain, in the entire technology industry and beyond.

Looking ahead, we will leverage this momentum to foster progress and take us to even higher levels in 2021 and for years to come, including:

  • Promote diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in our global workforce
  • Accelerate transformation across the industry
  • Evolution of the Pandemic Response Technology Initiative to become Intel’s RISE Technology Initiative

Intel in the wonderful future will generate, daily, a positive impact on the world inspire confidence that goals for the next decade can be achieved.


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