"You have to take into account technology, but without forgetting the human factor" - Fintech Morning

“You have to take into account technology, but without forgetting the human factor”


Searching for tools to continue renewing the Spain brand is the common point in which all the participants agree, “you have to consolidate and recycle, taking into account technology and big data, but without forgetting the human factor”, says Antonio Tapia de Hotels Cost Control.

In the colloquium “Artificial intelligence applied to hotel upselling and its relationship with revenue management” it is stated that one of the main objectives of artificial intelligence is to generate income. The speakers, through their speeches, delved into how it is vital to incorporate the upselling marketing strategy into revenue management, since through it it is possible to obtain a greater benefit with the client, providing them with higher quality products.


“The purpose of upselling strategies should be based on the customer having greater knowledge of the product or service and proposing an improvement.”

On the other hand, the CEO Hotel Cost Control & Hotel Dataflow, Antonio Tapia, focuses his technology on empowering the human team, putting it to work for him. “There are applications that allow you to know the tastes and preferences of the customer.” In his opinion, the goal should be to eliminate general messages and start designing personalized messages, “since these go directly to a customer prone to buy.” Merging both factors is the unanimous proposal to increase sales in the tourism and hotel sector.


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