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Technology, confidence and talent: the keys to the digital century


In the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) CEO Study 2021, CEOs from Latin America, including Chile, revealed that technology infrastructure (44%), workforce management anywhere (38%), risks Cyber and regulation (37%) are the main elements that may represent the biggest challenges for your organizations in the next 2-3 years.

Today, a year after the start of the pandemic, three fronts emerge as the needs of all companies to emerge stronger in the digital century: technology, trust and talent.

1) Technology to scale businesses and personalize relationships.

We have seen an acceleration of digital transformation over the past year. The widespread increase in remote business and interactions has led to hyper digitization in companies that are faced with the need to accelerate the use of technology in business processes, in order to manage their operations with agility and provide new experiences to customers.

In addition, 21% of Latin American companies already use AI and 43% of IT professionals in the region report that their company intensified its use during the Covid-19 pandemic. Artificial intelligence is helping companies transform services and create new experiences for customers, citizens and employees who, after the pandemic, changed the way they consume to be more digital.


2) Trust and privacy in a hyper-digitized world.

As we intensify the use of AI, eyes are turning to the trustworthiness of the generated data. According to newly commissioned market research announced at Think 2021, nearly 90% of companies using AI comment that their ability to explain how AI arrived at a decision is critical. In addition to trust, companies must be sure that their data and knowledge are theirs and will not be used or accessed without authorization.

3) Talent and the challenge of a workforce anywhere.

The data explosion and the increasing use of AI and automation technologies by companies were already transforming the job market, even before the pandemic, requiring companies to adapt by reconversion of their workforce and the empowerment of new talents.


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