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Mexicans use more technology for their finances


The pandemic forced many Mexicans to migrate to digital services or fintech to carry out various operations related to their finances.

A report from the Coru platform showed that 60% of Mexicans use websites or apps for financial tasks such as managing budgets, savings or credit.

“Thanks to technological development and implementation, people can manage their finances, make payments for services, verify their balances, movements and transactions, among other functions, without having to go to a branch to train. These platforms allow users to have control of their expenses and income, in addition to facilitating planning and providing tools to encourage savings ”, said Iván Hernández, cofounder & head of Product at Coru.


Similarly, the report highlights that people’s age and income are determining factors in the use of applications to manage personal finances, according to the data in the report, Mexicans between 18 and 44 years of age are more likely to use these types of platforms to manage their personal accounts.

Also, the higher your monthly income, the more you use technology for your personal financial management.

“This report reveals that 70% of people with monthly earnings of between 41,000 and 50,000 pesos manage their finances with these digital tools; on the other hand, only 53.4% ​​who earn less than 10,000 pesos a month make use of them, ”he details.


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